Little League Baseball, Inc., United States Eastern Region

State of Pennsylvania Association of District Administrators


Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2014

Lundy Center, South Williamsport, PA


Administrative Assistant Bill Dithrich called the meeting to order at 12:20 p.m. in the absence of State Coordinator Glen Fiebig due to illness.  Roll call was taken by sign in sheet.  Districts represented: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17/32, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30.  Kevin Shellhammer was introduced as the new DA from District 24, taking over for Charlie Roberts, who has retired.


Motion to approve the meeting minutes of October 19, 2013 was made by District 9.  Second by District 30.  Motion passed.


Motion to approve the finance report dated March 22, 2014 was made by District 13.  Second by District 12.  Motion passed.  Report attached.




Locations for 2014 state tournaments are:

      9 & 10 Year Old Baseball – Section 6 – District 20 – Pennridge Little League

      10 & 11 Year Old Baseball – Section 7 – District 14 – Dillsburg Little League

      Little League Baseball – Section 8 – District 27 – Lower Perkiomen Little League

      Intermediate Baseball – Section 5 – District 17 – League to be determined

      Junior League Baseball – Section 1 – District 25 – Cranberry Little League

      Senior League Baseball – Section 1 – District 10 – Cameron County Little League

      Big League Baseball – Section 3 – District 15 – Southern Tioga Little League

      9 & 10 Year Old Softball – Section 2 – District 26 – West Point Little League

      10 & 11 Year Old Softball – Section 3 – District 13 – Berwick Little League

      Little League Softball – Section 2 – District 26 – West Point Little League

      Junior League Softball – Section 8 – District 27 – Berwyn-Paoli Area Little League

      Senior League Softball – Section 1 – District 1 – FCVA Saegertown Little League

      Big League Softball – Section 3 – District 15 – Southern Tioga Little League


Bill stated that two state tournament packets had been received and posted on the state web site and reminded the body that the deadline for packets of March 15th was passed and to get the packets submitted as soon as possible.


Bill also stated that it is not possible to post game results for all the section tournaments in the state.  He will post the host league and the section tournament packet if the information is submitted to him.  He recommends that if a district or section has their own web site where section tournament game results are kept up to date, to send him the site information and he will put a link on the state web site in that tournament box to take viewers to that site.




Tournament Calendar: All the tournament calendar dates were checked against the East Region tournament dates when they were distributed and no changes were needed.  Concerns were expressed over the need of district tournaments to start so early causing difficulty with leagues to complete a regular season with the late start to the season that we have in Pennsylvania.  Some leagues are considering not participating in the International Tournament so they can play a longer regular season.


Jamboree Type Games: Playing jamboree type weekend games is being encouraged for the softball division.  The question was raised about the possibility of working towards the same thing for baseball, realizing that pitching is the main concern.  It is suggested that this be discussed at congress with the possibility of relaxing pitching regulations to allow multiple games in baseball.  It was questioned if there were any statistics to show if there has been a reduction in arm problems since the introduction of the pitch count rule.


Congress: By show of hands approximately 10 to 12 members will be attending the International Congress in Minneapolis in April.  The congress agenda items were presented and discussed:

1.      No discussion.

2.      This will eliminate all the 13 year olds playing Little League Baseball.  It was proposed to extend the transition period for two years instead of just one.

3.      No discussion.

4.      No discussion.

5.      No discussion.

6.      No discussion.

7.      Jamboree type games applied to baseball as well.

8.      No discussion.

9.      Clarification is needed on the penalty.  Is the warning per at bat, per player or a team warning?

10.  If this doesn’t pass, does a league need to get a waiver if it wants to implement the rule?

11.  No discussion.

12.  The body was almost totally opposed to this change.

13.  The body was in favor of this change.

14.  Suggested to include baseball as well.

15.  The body was in favor of this change.

16.  No strong feelings in favor or opposed.


School Attendance Rule Change: The new eligibility rule based on school a player attends was discussed.  The comment was made concerning the video on the Little League web site  stating that DAs were consulted concerning the change.  None of the DAs present were consulted.  Several situations were discussed.  Bill requested that DAs with leagues that were impacted negatively by the rule change, send that information to East Region Headquarters with details on how the league was impacted.


Cards: It was requested to send cards to Barb Holovka and Walt Strosser.


Nominating Committee: A nominating committee for the election of state coordinator was appointed consisting of Howard Lemonick, chair, Frank Germino and Robert Swope.


By-Law Revision: District 29 made a motion to change the By-Laws Section 4.04 Term of Office of the State Coordinator length from 3 years to 4 years to match the proposed change of the term of District Administrator providing that change is approved.  Second by District 5.  Motion passed.


Recognition: District 18 made a motion to recognize the years of service to the State Association by Charles Roberts by giving him Honorary Member status.  Second by District 29.  Motion passed.




No representatives from East Region Headquarters were present.


Next meeting date is scheduled for October 18, 2014.  Time and location to be announced.


Motion to adjourn was made by District 13.  Second by District 17.  Motion passed.


My thanks to Howard Lemonick for taking notes during the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Bill Dithrich

DA PA District 1

Administrative Assistant



Pennsylvania State Little League DA’s Finance Report

March 22, 2014

 Beginning Balance April 13, 2013









October meeting food










Ending Balance




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