Little League Baseball, Inc., United States Eastern Region

State of Pennsylvania Association of District Administrators


Adopted by PA Assn of District Administrators - 11/6/2010 Reference Program Program
    LLB/LLS 10,11
      Jr, Sr, Big
Championship Banner, LLB State level tournament pin, team participant plaque or trophy,  LLRB R R
PA State Tournament pin for players, coaches and umpires (provided by Host District)   R R
Housing for players and coaches (three of the four sections) LLRB O O
Meals for players and coaches LLRB R R
Baseballs LLRB R R
Transportation of Tournament Teams LLRB O O
Entertainment of Tournament Teams   O O
Printed Program Contents: LLRB R RBO
        ● President and CEO, Little League Baseball, International   R RBO
        ● Vice President of Operations   R RBO
        ● Eastern Region Director   R RBO
        ● State Coordinator   R RBO
        ● Host DA (Tournament Director)   R RBO
        ● (Name) of the State Umpire Consultant for Host Section   R RBO
          Welcome Letter    R RBO
        ● Umpire chart to include names of umpires, and game assignments   R RBO
        ● Game Schedule, date, time and field   R RBO
        ● (no changes without specific approval of State Coordinator)   R RBO
Police and Emergency Medical Services LLRB R R
Free adequate parking LLRB R R
Free adequate seating: Section 500, State 1,000, regional 1,500 LLRB R O
Public Relations; also involve Media and Public Officials LLRB R O
Tournament packets delivererd on time to PA secretary for web posting    R R
Local Umpires; none if home team is in the tournament.    R R
Field maintenance and supplies; tarp for field and backstop, speedy dry, rest room. LLRB R R
        ● tarp for field, home plate area, speedy dry. LLRB R R
        ● Concrete or portable restrooms - Minimum: one location per sex, 1 stall per 80 women
           1 stall per 350 men, 1 urinal per 100 men, handicapped accessibility          
        ● batters eye - Dark colored (24' x 4' ) in centerfield LLRB R R
        ● Pitcher's eye- Canvas or windscreen (4' x 20') at backstop LLRB R R
Field Dimensions (per rulebook) LLRB R R
Concession Stand; hst league may retain concession income LLRB R R
Hat collection for games; recruit volunteers and use proceeds for flag, pins, baseballs, umpire refreshments. LLRB R RBO
Liability insurance secured by host league ($1,000,000) LLRB R R
Field Lighting; Must meet LL standards and have completed safety audit.  LLRB R R
ASAP approved game site LLRB R R
Extra Helmets LLRB R R
Field Events      
        ● Pre-game ceremonies and ceremonial pitch before each game   R R
        ● Introduction of players, coaches and umpires   R R
        ● National Anthem and Little Leagueand Parents Pledge   R R
        ● Public Announcements   R R
        ● Awarding of flag and pins after final game   R R
Support Staff      
        ● Announcer - PA System but no play by play LLRB R R
        ● Scorekeeper - supervised by Tournament Director LLRB R R
        ● Groundskeepers LLRB R R
        ● Scoreboard and operator LLRB R R
        ● Official pitch counter LLRB R R
Game Times -designated in packet   R R
Bracket placement - per state rotation plan   R R
Radio and TV - See Little League policy and State YES Fund proposal LLRB R N/A
Press table ans space for radio, TV and photographers LLRB R RBO
Team Rosters for members of the press LLRB R RBO
Area away from dugout for team scorekeepers   R RBO
Financial Statement (TournamentDirector) LLRB R N/A
Special Guests; seating and parking with special guest identification and passes.   R N/A
Lunch, dinner, snacks softdrinks at clubhouse for umpires   R R
Call Regional Office with Standings Region R N/A
Text or email state coordinator with daily results and final results (Tournament Director) Region R N/A
Provide winning team with package from the East Region Tournament (Tournament Director) Region R N/A
Letter from East Region regarding ESPN (Tournament Director) Region R N/A
Fundraising activities must be approved by the Tournament Director LLRB R N/A
R-Required; RBO-Recommended But Optional; O-Optional; N/A Not applicable, LLRB -Rules      

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